This is Lauren

Lauren Zoeller is a 7-figure entrepreneur, host of The Aligned Love podcast, speaker, and author.


As the Founder of The Aligned Love Experience™, Lauren is an expert practitioner in reparenting, generational healing and Somatic Experiencing. Through her work, she created the proprietary Voice Activation Method™ that has been used to help thousands of men and women heal from past trauma and take ownership of their future.


She is a certified dating & relationship coach and her insights have been featured on The Drew Barrymore Show, The NY Post, Business Insider, Medium, NBC News, Goal Cast, SHAPE magazine, Ask Us Beauty and other international media outlets. She often speaks on topics such as Embodiment, Attachment Theory, Somatic Experiencing and Leadership. 

Her business endeavors are dedicated to helping build schools for underprivileged children in Honduras with The Boundless Foundation, a philanthropic organization whose mission is to end generational cycles of scarcity and poverty. 

Lauren’s Why...

Hey, I’m Lauren.

Everyone’s success story has a pivotal point in which they are given the opportunity to change their own trajectory. Sometimes it’s positive and easy, other times it’s painful and traumatic.

But one thing I do know, is that the direction you take is a decision only you can make.

My pivotal point happened in 2018. I was running a successful business, I had a partner I adored and to anyone on the outside looking in, life was pretty perfect.

But three phone calls brought my world crashing down around me.

The first phone call was from my boyfriend’s mother. She told me he was going back to rehab for the sixth time that year. My love hadn’t succeeded in saving him from his addiction and the last hope I had of us existing in a normal, healthy and fulfilling relationship evaporated. I knew I couldn’t go on in this constant heartbreak. I knew it was time I gave up trying to fix him – while breaking parts of myself.

The second phone call was from my CPA. He was calling to notify me that he was dropping me as a client because my business was $30k in debt and he saw “no hope” for my future.

The third phone call, and the reason I believed at the time that bad things came in threes, was my doctor, delivering the news of a serious health scare. My biopsy came back as potential cancer and I was immediately sucked into a vortex of devastation.

It was at this point that I had to make a decision; to rise in adversity or to crumble in chaos.

I learned more about the healing I was ignoring, I invested in somatic therapy and shifted the coaches I was working with, but most importantly, I focused on ME.

I answered the difficult questions about my own cognitive beliefs and I dissected my coping mechanisms and dysregulated nervous system patterns.

And it was eye opening.

I realized a new way of life existed. I discovered how deeply the inner work impacts the kind of relationships you attract and the life you lead.

And above all, I understood that I had a new mission in life. To help others find the same clarity, alignment and fulfillment that I had found.

I knew I was going to be the coach that changed the way coaching worked for people, because it isn’t about strategies and tactics (it’s not a soccer game) it’s about the inner work.

It’s about healing and learning to love yourself in a way that teaches others how to love you too.

The deep work that leads you to realizing that you CAN absolutely have it all, on every level.

This has been my calling all along.

And I can’t wait to work with you,

With love and light, always,

Lauren xo


Audra Mulleneaux is a board-certified NLP & Time Line Therapy ® Master Practitioner, certified NLP Master Coach, and Certified Hypnotherapist. If love and laughter were human, you would have Audra. Audra has a strong passion for helping women to step into the best versions of themselves. She has over 8 years’ experience working in adult education and her master’s degree, certifications and professional experience provide her with the necessary tools to help women heal and succeed. When she’s not coaching or teaching, you can find her on the dance floor dancing to bachata and salsa music. Audra is also a trained and highly experienced energy healer, medium and channeler.

Jess Bonini

Jess Bonini is a board-certified NLP & Time Line Therapy ® Master Practitioner and Trainer, and certified NLP Master Coach, and Breathwork Facilitator. She has achieved success in helping her clients step into a life they truly love by helping them to maximize their mindset and embody their truth to be, do, and have everything they desire. Jess’s own story of overcoming a deep lack of self-worth, major depression, and PTSD has led her to advocate for people to own their story, re-evaluate the relationship to their past and create a life they love.

Beth Knerr

Beth Knerr is a coach and enrollment specialist for The Aligned Love Team with a background in education, leadership, and business. She has achieved success in guiding her clients to clearly identify the source of their frustrations and create a roadmap for how to step away from their blocks once and for all. Through deep inner work, Beth has taken courageous steps in both her career and her personal life to show up fully as God placed her here to be. She coaches others to discover their aligned path in order to live fully.