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human in the world,

and it's you.

I bring holistic balance to the busy professional

Are you running on empty?


I'm Lauren!


 Is your neglect of self care having a direct reflection on your personal relationships, work productivity and health?

If the answer is YES, we need to talk.

As a result of our work together, you will:

-  Go from stressed out, depleted and exhausted to balanced, thriving, and excited 

- Develop a self care routine that helps you feel "In Control"

- Gain deeper connection in your personal relationships 

- Access a greater sense of health on a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level.

- Achieve the goals you have been dying to reach

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You are one step away from living the life you have always dreamed of living

"I was first concerned with the money I would spend with Lauren to find out things I thought I already knew, but after our first session, I had the epiphany that I KNEW the action but NOT the reason. Lauren has helped me discover why I have certain habits. She has given me the space to allow myself grace and regain my individuality. This same energy has carried all the way through to my bank account and I have increased my client consulting base by 200%. I have also narrowed the focus of my best assets for my clients and I am able to give them the success they have always wanted!”

"I have increased my client consulting base by 200%."

Shannon R.

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“Lauren opened my mind and my heart. She truly was the light I needed and when I needed it. Lauren asked straight forward question that she clearly put time and great thought into. She pays very close attention to her clients. Lauren was present in the moment and helps direct your awareness and attention to your goals at hand. She has amazing energy. It radiates through her and her space. Life coaching isn't something that a lot of people are aware of it, but being self aware is so important and Lauren does a fantastic job helping you find that.” 

"Lauren opened my mind and my heart. She truly was the light I needed and when I needed it."

Lydia S.

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“Lauren has guided me through a key transition period, giving me clarity on where I'm going and why, and given me the tools to get there. Lauren's coaching has helped me replace stress with peace, confidence and excitement. She has helped me identify the things that hold me back, as well as the things that are waiting for me if I just say yes. Lauren's ability to adapt to my changes in energy, emotions and circumstances has been so effective. Read: she can knock a curveball out of the park! I leave our sessions feeling rejuvenated, equipped and inspired every time. I have gained freedom from guilt, clarity on my core desires, confidence in my choices, and peace about the journey ahead.” 

"I leave our sessions feeling rejuvenated, equipped and inspired every time."

Carolyn F. 

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