The Aligned Expansion Program is for you if...

  • You have success in health, love and business, but you know there is more out there that is meant for you such as deeper intimacy, massive levels of wealth, profound impact and optimal health.
  • In your healing journey, you outgrew a lot of your female friendships and you are ready to find authentic, conscious women who GET YOU. 
  •  You’ve started the somatic work. You know your blind spots. you are aware of your triggers and now, you are finally ready for your hard work to manifest into a new reality.
  • You feel called to take a collective leap forward in a deep healing environment, but didn’t know a program like this existed.
  • You want coaches that push you out of your comfort zone in a way that will accelerate your next-level vision into reality so you can shift into higher levels of fulfillment.
  • You want deep knowing that you are loved, received and accepted in the sisterhood as the leader you desire to become.
  • You refuse to settle for mediocre therapy and coaching, you want to learn from the best.


It’s not too good to be true – in this training you will be given the simple, clear, exact steps that are needed to harness your full Divine Power to have a life that is magnetic.


Uncover the essence of your mission and craft the legacy you envision leaving on the world long after you’re gone. Throughout this phase, we will illuminate the path to clarity, helping you identify what pain/challenge you want to remove from the world and how to make a lasting impact for future generations to come.

Wealth serves as the catalyst for profound transformation and impact. During this phase, you will master the art of perceiving money as a powerful amplifier for crafting the life and mission you desire for yourself and the world. Together, we will unravel any limiting beliefs and dysregulated nervous system patterns linked to finances and scarcity. We will also uncover and connect with the wealthiest, most abundant version of yourself.

Your success and reality is a reflection of the people in your circle. Like mom used to say, you are who you hang out with. In this phase, we will dive deep into your intimate connections, looking at not only your relationship with self but also the key individuals who are crucial for amplifying your mission and influence.

Your body is a sacred vessel and serves as the command center for your mission, demanding significant energy. In this phase, we will explore what is needed to propel you towards your highest potential. We will look at your daily practices, your internal talk track and how to function properly in accordance with your nervous system and cycle for maximum energy. 

If you are ready to call in a magnetic life, fill out the application below and book a call.

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