11:15am Power Yoga 45 @ EXOS

Lauren’s Teaching Schedule


7:30am Power Yoga @ Hot Yoga of East Nashville


11:15am Sculpt 45 @ EXOS

4:30pm Power Yoga @ Hot Yoga of East Nashville


10:30am Power Yoga @ Hot Yoga of East Nashville 

4:30pm Power Yoga at Results Fitness Music Row



You Workshop

Join Lauren Zoeller, CTA Certified Life Coach and 200 Hour E-RYT, for two hours dedicated to YOU.
In this workshop, you will experience complete self care. Together, Lauren will guide you through a quick thirty minute passion centered coaching exercise where you will begin to uncover your heart’s deepest desires. You will then transition into a powerful 60 minute yoga practice dedicated to honoring yourself, and then the workshop will conclude with a blissful twenty minute Yoga Nidra practice (Sleep Yoga, yep. Believe us when we say it’s the BEST! 20 minutes of Nidra is equivalent to 8 hours of sleep).
All sections of the workshop include essential oils AND you get to take home samples of your own! This workshop is completely dedicated to YOU, so come and spend two hours on yourself.

A 2 Hour Workshop Dedicated to Self Care with Essential Oils 

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Vision Planning Workshop

A 3 Hour Workshop Dedicated to setting goals for your business

The workshop is 3 hours long and includes:

Why the WHY, HOW and WHAT of your company is critical to the success of your year
How to set an effective goal and reach it
The importance of filling your cup for greater productivity
StrengthsFinders Assessment = How do I use my strengths to my advantage? 

As a team:
- Three 2019 Overall Company Goals 
- Three 2019 Individual Goals 
- A completed Wheel of Life + 1 Monthly Personal Goal to reach w/ template for further use 
- StrengthsFinders Assessment + Coaching on how to work effectively as an individual & Team 

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Self Care Retreat

a 4 Day retreat in Moab, utah

Cami Zolman and I will be hosting a retreat in Moab, Utah at the beautiful Under Canvas resort. This retreat is all about bringing wholeness back into your life and creating a space for you to relax, rejuvenate and recharge. Together, the two of us have combined yoga, meditation, life coaching, essential oils, mindfulness, and the gift of mother nature to give you 4 days and 5 nights that will change your life forever. At Retreat. Moab you will experience the outdoors and connection to mother earth with breathtaking surroundings and high end glamping accommodations. During your 4 day retreat, you will be fully immersed in meditation, yoga, life coaching, outdoor excursions, delicious food and essential oils. We will teach you how to heal physically, emotionally, and mentally using the tools that we use daily.

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