Welcome to Heaven… Mac and cheese is a must that no one can live without. If you’re looking to feed your Macaroni and Cheese craving and still stay healthy in the process, this is the recipe for you! Be warned, I promise that you will definitely go back for more. I N G R E […]

The YUMMIEST Vegan Mac & Cheese


Nobody is perfect. And life is too short to not have fun! A few late nights, extra drinks and food that you wouldn’t normally eat is not the end of the world. What matters is how you jump back on the “feel good” train once the fun is over. Here are 5 tips to get […]

5 Tips to Reset Your Body After a Weekend of Fun

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​ I’m all about delicious healthy sweet treats, and I am also a believer in adding a bit of sweet to your lunch plate to avoid cravings later in the day. A tiny bit of sweetness at lunch could look like a handful of cherries, a piece of dairy free dark chocolate or maybe a […]

Guilt-Free Almond Energy Bites Recipe



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