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Lauren has decreased my crippling anxiety. She understands that progress and health are different for every person. Coaching with Lauren gave me a road map that I feel like I could follow. I feel in control, and most of all, I have my health back. Lauren has the remarkable ability to make someone feel comfortable enough to open up. If you want to follow your dream, gain your health back and find symmetry in your life, Lauren is your girl.”

- Robbie G; Founder of Hustle Media & Bach Weekend 

Lauren is truly a genius at holistic balance for busy professionals. She helped me find peace and support in my physical and mental health, and at the same time was extremely tactical. I love working with her because she thrives on forward, measurable progress. She keeps me on track to meet my goals. I am pretty fantastic at staying on things for work, but Lauren has challenged me to find the same drive in my personal life. Lauren GETS ME. She is patient, but knows when to kick my butt into gear to get through problems instead of dwelling in them. 

Angela Y; Product Director at WeWork 

Lauren has guided me through a key transition period, giving me clarity on where I'm going and why, and given me the tools to get there. Lauren has helped me replace stress with peace, confidence and excitement. She has helped me identify the things that hold me back, as well as the things that are waiting for me if I just say yes. Lauren's ability to adapt to my changes in energy, emotions and circumstances has been so effective. Read: she can knock a curveball out of the park! I leave our sessions feeling rejuvenated, equipped and inspired every time. I have gained freedom from guilt, clarity on my core desires, confidence in my choices, and peace about the journey ahead.

Carolyn F; Executive Assistant White Deer Energy

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Are you ready to make money doing what you love?