Mission Driven Female Entrepreneurs

You’ve already achieved success. Now it’s time to expand your purpose and leave burnout behind through understanding what it means to be a master of your nervous system. 

When a woman is not seen for her divine presence, she will begin living in masculine energy to protect herself.
This is why so many women are overachievers.


A little while ago a friend asked me, You’ve built success and you still work like you have something to prove. If you were only allowed to work 2 hours a day what would you do with the rest of your day? I answered…

I would get up. Meditate. Go to yoga. Shower. Meet a friend for coffee. Go for a walk.

And then I froze…He responded…Great! You made it to 10am. What about the rest of your day?

It was in that moment that I realized some massive healing needed to take place in my life. I was running away from pain and using work as a means to protect myself. My relationship to my mission had become a survival response, and I was living in my masculine energy to survive. Inn return, my relationships everywhere outside of work started to suffer. THIS is the very reason I was an exhausted, overachiever. And if I wasn’t careful, I was going to burn my life to the ground.

Now, as a result of doing the deep somatic work, I live my life in a way that feels easy and aligned to my soul, but it took understanding my nervous system to get here. I now, not only have a successful business, but I have a strong support system, a body I love and a life I can’t wait to wake up to every morning. 

Perhaps you can relate. Maybe you too have found yourself tirelessly chasing success only to feel unfulfilled and exhausted in the process.

If this resonates, then The Aligned Expansion Program is for you. This program is the only year-long mentorship program specifically built for the female, mission-driven entrepreneur who is ready to step into the highest version of herself in all facets of life, not just business. It includes a Somatic Approach to leadership, Trauma- Trauma-informed relational Practices, Individualized Support, A tribe of supportive women, an in-person retreat, and MUCH MORE.

Does this sound like you?

If you answered YES… you’ve come to the right place.

Introducing The Aligned Expansion Program

The truth behind the success I have been able to create for thousands of female leaders lies in my simple but proven approach

What is Inside

The Aligned Expansion Framework™

Harnessing your full Divine Power to have a magnetic life.


Phase I - Expanded Impact

Uncover the essence of your mission and craft the legacy you envision leaving on the world long after you’re gone. Throughout this phase, we will illuminate the path to clarity, helping you identify what pain/challenge you want to remove from the world and how to make a lasting impact for future generations to come. 


Phase II - Expanded Wealth

Wealth serves as the catalyst for profound transformation and impact. During this phase, you will master the art of perceiving money as a powerful amplifier for crafting the life and mission you desire for yourself and the world. Together, we will unravel any limiting beliefs and dysregulated nervous system patterns linked to finances and scarcity. We will also uncover and connect with the wealthiest, most abundant version of yourself.


Phase III - Expanded Relationships

Your success and reality is a reflection of the people in your circle. Like mom used to say, you are who you hang out with. In this phase, we will dive deep into your intimate connections, looking at not only your relationship with self but also the key individuals who are crucial for amplifying your mission and influence.


Phase IV - Expanded Health

Your body is a sacred vessel and serves as the command center for your mission, demanding significant energy. In this phase, we will explore what is needed to propel you towards your highest potential. We will look at your daily practices, your internal talk track and how to function properly in accordance with your nervous system and cycle for maximum energy.  

What is Included

What is included in the Aligned Expansion Program:

Twelve 2 Hour Monthly Group Calls:

Twelve two hour monthly group calls with Lauren to learn and apply the Aligned Expansion Framework™ and examine each area of life to achieve full somatic alignment. Each call will open with a Somatic exercise, have a specific intention and will be opened up for questions and connection at the end.

One Quarterly Guest Expert Workshop:

Four two hour workshops with hand selected experts specific to each phase of the Aligned Expansion Framework™

Expanded Impact – June 

Expanded Wealth – August

Expanded Relationships – December

Expanded Health – March

Monthly 1x1 60 Minute Somatic Experiencing/Coaching Sessions with Lauren:

Join Lauren for 60 minutes of 1×1 support each month to implement the work and guide your nervous system into full somatic alignment. 

One VIP In Person Retreat in Sundance, Utah:

Join The Aligned Love Team and the other women of The Aligned Expansion program in a week-long retreat to fully embody the Somatic work needed to step into full expansion. Retreat does not include airfare, but all meals, lodging and experiences will be included. 

Unlimited 1x1 Voxer Support:

Connect with Lauren 1×1 in Voxer for continued support outside of your monthly sessions. 

Lifetime Access to The Aligned Expansion Online Portal:

Life long access to all recordings and materials included in The Aligned Expansion program. 

Unlimited Community Slack Access:

Connect with the other women of The Aligned Expansion Program in a private slack channel for amplified sisterhood. 

Additional Books & Resources:

Receive books and resources for each phase to guide you on the journey to an expanded life. 

This program is for the woman who...

How does it work...

Step 1: Apply

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Step 2: Check Email

Once your application is received, a member of Lauren’s team will reach out to let you know if you have been accepted.

Step 3: Book A Call

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Why Join The Aligned Expansion Program...

Most women believe that you need to hustle to keep success, love and fulfillment but I believe the opposite is true. 

Hustle culture is out, Divine Leadership is in. 

This is the only program for mission-driven female entrepreneurs that will accomplish full life alignment through somatic integration.

You deserve to feel on fire for your mission and life in a way that feels easy and aligned.

Why should you keep throwing money and time at coaches, therapists and mentors that you have outgrown? 

You deserve to feel on fire for your life and mission in a way that feels fulfilling, easy and aligned.

You CAN feel amazing in your body, regardless of your age.

You CAN have a circle of female friends who support your every move. 

You CAN feel fulfilled in your intimate relationships, whether you are single, in a relationship or married.

You CAN experience deep levels of wealth and an overflow of abundance. 

You CAN change the world and not feel like you’re asking for too much. 

It’s time. 


See what everyone is saying! 


Once your application is accepted, Lauren will go over the investment along with payment plans if needed.

The program is a one year container that will move seamlessly through all four pillars outlined above. There is one in person retreat led by Lauren and her team and the remainder of the program will be online.  

We do have payment plan options available. If you feel like this program is exactly what you need to make a shift in your mission and life, I trust that you will find a way! If that is not you right now – It is okay! 

Yes! It is all about learning to speak the language of your body to elevate your mission and step into the life that you have always dreamed of having for yourself. 

Yes! This is the closest you can get to working with Lauren 1×1 without joining her intimate 1×1 container.