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Lauren Zoeller is a 7-figure entrepreneur, host of The Aligned Love podcast, speaker, and author.

As the Founder of The Aligned Love Experience™, Lauren is an expert practitioner in reparenting, generational healing and Somatic Experiencing. Through her work, she created the proprietary Voice Activation Method™ that has been used to help thousands of men and women heal from past trauma and take ownership of their future.

She is a certified dating & relationship coach and her insights have been featured on The Drew Barrymore Show, The NY Post, Business Insider, Medium, NBC News, Goal Cast, SHAPE magazine and other international media outlets. 

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Shannon Rizzo,

CEO of Shannon Rizzo Companies & Boundless Planet, Founder of Boundless Foundation

“The life I live today is much different than the life I was living when I met Lauren and her Aligned Attraction Framework™. When I came to her, I was confused and heart broken and I had not healed from my own childhood wounds. Through Lauren’s tough-love, holding space and guidance I have found myself again. Her framework – specifically – coaching me to take radical responsibility, changed my life. My relationships with family are richer and we are all honest with one another. 

I was able to make amends before my dad passed away and for this, I am forever grateful. Lauren’s work led me here. I now live in full alignment and I have found my eternal soul mate and the King to my Queendom! I also have a divine family – one I thought was a pipe dream. My businesses and my life are thriving and my days are filled with complete joy. Life has never been more fulfilling. Also, to top it off, my nonprofit has built one school in Honduras and we are on schedule to build 4 more! It seems like God and the Universe are delivering my dream life because I plugged in and did the work. I thank Lauren for being there as a catalyst and coach. So much love for her and this work!”

Jenn Barlow,

Owner The GlamDen Aesthetic Spa

“I worked through The Aligned Love Collective and by the time I was complete, I met the love of my life. After my horrible fourteen year marriage ended, I realized that I was still continuing a pattern of attracting emotionally abusive and narcissistic men. I thought I knew what my “problems” were and what I had to do to change myself to have a healthy, happy relationship, but I continued to get my heart broken by awful men. 

It wasn’t until I completely surrendered and took the plunge to invest in myself, that I found my future husband/baby daddy (yes- we are pregnant!) Working with Lauren and her team was the missing puzzle piece that helped me attract an amazing relationship with a man who not only loves and respects me – but treats me like a queen. If you’re feeling unhappy or unfulfilled in your current relationship, or if you’re looking for love, working with Lauren and her team is THE answer you’ve been looking for. You WILL need to invest in yourself, and the work you’ll have to do won’t be easy, but, if you’re ready for REAL love, happiness, and relationship satisfaction, then it’s time to have faith in something that can truly change your life.

It did for me.

A friend asked me recently, “Do you think you would have met your man if you had never worked with Lauren?” And the answer is without-a-doubt: No.

It was because of The Aligned Love Collective that my thoughts shifted, I let go of toxic patterns and I finally began to use my voice and understand boundaries. I attracted a different type of man (one that I didn’t believe existed before) because of her program, and that man I found makes me feel loved, seen, and safe. I love him so much.

Work with Lauren and her team. Just do it. Do it for your self-healing and do it because you are worthy of real, wonderful, fulfilling love.”

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The Aligned Love Podcast is an award winning podcast that will teach you how to attract love, live in alignment and elevate your relationships.