Keep reading to find out how this program can help you find the love of your life without wasting any more time on dating apps.


I know how it feels to want to find love so badly it hurts. 

Ever since I can remember, I have always loved love. Throughout my life experiences, I was taught that “love is hard”, “dating is a numbers game”, “you can’t always have what you want”. But something deep down inside of me said that settling is not an option and that I got to have it all when it comes to love.

After what I like to call my rock bottom moment in 2020, when my boyfriend at the time (who looked perfect on the outside) checked himself into rehab for teh sixth time that year, I knew something had to shift. 

It was then that I became a student of love. 

I started learning how to replace my own protection patterns with more connection. Because the truth is, I wanted love. Like deep, soul filling love. I wanted to feel worthy of what I deeply desired. 

I ventured out to find a new and better way to find my soulmate and that’s where The Aligned Attraction Framework™ was born. 

Now, every day, women like you and me get to experience love in a way we never thought was possible. 

We get to come as we are. Honor our worth. And have all of our needs met in relationship.

I’m inviting you into The Aligned Love Collective™ so I can help you find your soulmate without sacrificing your career or wasting anymore time on the dating apps.

I want this course to shift your life, the same way it did for me so that you can experience love at the deepest level possible. 

Let’s get into the details, shall we?

xo, Lauren

The Aligned Love Collective Includes:

[Lifetime Access] 3-Phase Roadmap: the exact steps to find what’s blocking you from finding the love you deeply desire and shift to find your soulmate without spending countless hours on apps.

[6 Months] Voxer Access with Your Coach: to help you feel supported as you navigate the work in between coaching calls.

[6 Months] Weekly Group Coaching Calls: learn how to use somatic experiencing to regulate your nervous system and find safety. Find clarity in verbally processing what comes up.

[6 Months] Private Facebook Community: for networking, sharing wins, and support from The Aligned Love Team.

[6 Months] Access to The Aligned Love Inner Circle: come to a bonus call every week that includes breathwork, coaching, somatic experiencing, plus a happy hour for connecting with other women in the program. 



You’re tired of dating and not receiving the results you desire.

You feel like the relationship of your dreams is impossible to find.

You’re sick and tired of getting on and off the dating apps.

You’re defeated. You have high expectations and settling scares you.


  • (MONTH 1-2) GAIN AWARENESS: Uncover anything that could be blocking you from finding the love you desire by going back through your past relationships, core stories of limitation, childhood dynamics and generational trauma patterns.

GOAL = AWARENESS around your patterns of survival when it comes to relationships.

  • (MONTH 3-4) SHIFT YOUR PATTERNS: Learn how to use Somatic Therapy to regulate the patterns you uncovered in Pillar One. Begin to finally replace patterns of protection with patterns of connection.

GOAL = SHIFT from protection to connection and learn to speak the language of your nervous system so you can recognize healthy relationship dynamics.

  • (MONTH 5-6) ATTRACT: It’s time to fly. Reintegrate back into the dating world from a new space of safety and watch secure partners make their way to you with ease. Note: we are with you every step of the way as you navigate calling in your soulmate.

GOAL = ATTRACT the relationship of your dreams and date with ease.


No more buying “how to” guides on how to get someone to like you.

No more swiping on dating apps for hours and hours on end.

Here at The Aligned Love Experience™ we understand the value of relationships, including the ones we have with our clients. 

And let’s be honest, we LOVE love.

That’s why we’ve structured The Aligned Love Collective™ to be as supportive as possible and make your journey to finding your soulmate feel easy. 

You watch the trainings, complete the workbooks and WE support you every step of the way with weekly group coaching calls, live Voxer support, and bonus calls with The Aligned Love Team every week. 

For the woman who’s ready to go all in…it’s fail proof.

We want you to be our next success story!


Let's look how this program has impacted our clients who were once just like you, but decided to take the leap and go ALL IN with this process

I am a firm believer

You get to have it all when it comes to love.

You can find your soulmate without spending a million hours on dating apps.

Dating gets to be fun and empowering.

You are SO worthy of the love you desire.

I want to help you get there.